Gun Control News

Virginia City Councilman Brought His AR-15 To Public Meeting on 2nd Amendment Vote
January 19, 2020
President Trump Tweets Support to Pro-Gun Activists: They Will Take Your Guns Away
January 19, 2020
Virginia Governor Declares State of Emergency and Bans Guns and Weapons From Capitol Grounds for Major Gun Rights Demonstration
January 16, 2020
NRA Asks Members To Speak Up At Virginia Senate Meeting on January 13th
January 5, 2020
Two Dead, One Wounded after Shooting at Texas Church, Gunman Shot By Church Member
December 29, 2019
U.S. Supreme Court Will Not Shield Remington Gun Maker From Sandy Hook Lawsuit
November 13, 2019
Video: Woman Tells Beto O’Rourke 'You're Bullshit for Being Here' During Anti-Gun Campaign In Newtown, CT
November 1, 2019
Senator Warren Promises to Infringe On Our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms
October 24, 2019
Gun Carrying Mother of Four Tells Beto O’Rourke “I’m Here To Say Hell No, You’re Not!” About Confiscating Guns
September 20, 2019
‘Dummy Beto’ Makes Gun Deal Even Harder
September 18, 2019
SF Board of Supervisors Declares NRA a “Domestic Terrorist Organization
September 4, 2019
Beto O’Rourke Promises Mandatory Buyback of Assault Weapons If Elected President
September 2, 2019
FBI Uses Red Flag Law To Seize Former Marine’s Firearms After Comments He Made Against Antifa
September 2, 2019
Pennsylvania Man Charged With Crime For His ‘Gun-Like Hand Gesture’
August 30, 2019
Colorado High School Student Suspended After Visiting Gun Range With His Mother
August 30, 2019
Gunmaker Thanks Nike For Betsy Ross Flag Idea, Issues Limited Edition Gun With Same Flag
July 4, 2019
Obama Lies About America’s Gun Restrictions In Brazil
June 28, 2019