In an “exclusive” news report published last Saturday, Drudge Report, a conservative media outlet claimed that former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is considering to ask former Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to be his running mate. Once proven true, this partnership can forge two of the most pro-gun control politicians in the country.

In an article published by Breitbart News, the media outlet claimed that the ticket would implement California-style gun control across the country. As the outlet wrote, “Such a pairing would put two of the most pro-gun control politicians in existence together for a ticket that could deal a crippling blow to Second Amendment rights.”

Breitbart News also cited that Clinton and Bloomberg’s partnership would forge similar strict gun control policies as seen in California, “the most gun-controlled state in the union.”

As Breitbart added, “In a real sense, what the Bloomberg/Clinton duo would mean for America is California-like gun control for every citizen, whether that citizen lived in New Jersey or Texas, Arizona or Maine.”

The news outlet also cited the gun control policies that both Clinton and Bloomberg had supported. These include “an assault weapons ban, a high capacity magazine ban, and the criminalization of private gun sales via the implementation of universal background checks.” In his stand on gun control, Michael Bloomberg had constantly lobbied for stricter access to all types of firearms.

Meanwhile, Clinton had also been vocal on using presidential powers to implement gun control. In fact, in an email released back in 2016, Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon had admitted that the former Democratic nominee planned to use presidential powers to secure gun control. Fallon also implied that the former secretary of state-supported the plan for gun manufacturers to be held liable for any criminal charges as a result of their products.

Moreover, as if stricter access to guns were not enough, Clinton also pushed for a 25% tax of gun sales, and claimed that the revenue collected would go the “national healthcare push.”

The reports of Bloomberg and Clinton’s ticket first broke out when the Drudge sensationally published “Sources close to Bloomberg campaign tell DRUDGE REPORT that the candidate is considering Hillary as running mate after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be a formidable force…”

Drudge also added additional articles to support their claim, with headlines that read “Clinton would get her revenge against Trump.”

As of the moment, both Clinton and Bloomberg are yet to respond to the speculations. Although in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Clinton claimed that she does not have any plans to run as a vice presidential candidate

.”Well, that’s not going to happen. But no, probably no,” Clinton said.

On the other hand, Bloomberg’s camp did not deny the reports. In an official statement, Bloomberg’s spokesperson claimed that “We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation.”

However, even CNN, a far-left media outlet suggested that Bloomberg might just be using the “leaked” report to distract the public from his own electability issues such as his demeaning statements about the “minority communities” regarding his stop-and-frisk policy, his surveillance on Muslim communities as well as his history of sexist comments against women.