Crimes continue to rise in England and Wales. According to authorities, the number escalated to a 7% increase in knife-related incidents.

Based on the report by Breitbart News, figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that there had been 44,771 knife crime offenses. To date, there have been 617 homicides in both England and Wales, and 40% of the murder weapon is identified as knives or sharp objects.

A representative from ONS, Helen Ross stated that “In the last year, there has been no change in overall levels of crime, however, this hides variations in different types of crime.”

Ross added, “For example, there have been continued rises in fraud, vehicle offences, and robbery, and decreases in burglary and homicide,” adding that: “Although the number of offences involving a knife has continued to increase, there is a mixed picture across police forces”.

As Breitbart News pointed out that “knife crime epidemic” has become a major problem in the United Kingdom. This goes on to show that despite the country’s heavy gun control laws, the number of violent crimes seems to increase.

Instead of creating feasible solutions, reversing tax cuts on police and youth services were the only suggestions from London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The problem is that under his term, the number of child stabbing victims alarmingly rose to an 11-year high.

Even the murder rate in London peaked at its level in a decade. The problem is that just like guns, knives could also be deadly—just without licenses and a regulating body. In fact, gang members are stashing the weapons in playgrounds and parks to avoid random searches by authorities.

“These knives could have fallen into the wrong hands; worse, they could have been acquired by young children,” Detective Chief Superintendent Lee Hill told The Times.

Crimes had also become more violent. Last October, trauma surgeon from the Royal London Hospital, Martin Griffiths, said that criminals are trying to find new ways to maim and disfigure their victims.

“We’re seeing more complex wounds in areas where bits join together on the body, junctional areas, like the neck and the groin, and that suggests a movement towards more severe wounds and more numbers of wounds. We’re seeing more victims with multiple injuries,” Griffiths told BBC.

On the other hand, Americans still continue to fight for their 2nd amendment on a peaceful rally at Capitol Hill. Advocates were able to show that guns do not immediately equate to violence, but as well as protection.

As House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert said “More than 20,000 people gathered with no arrests and no injuries. They even picked up their own trash.” Gilbert then added, “The law-abiding gun owners in attendance today are the ones who would bear the brunt of their anti-gun proposals, which would have little to no impact on crime or criminals.”