The National Rifle Association (NRA) is asking its members to attend the Virginia Senate’s Courts of Justice on January 13, 2020, to speak up about our rights and fight against gun bans, gun rationing, and confiscation in Richmond, Virginia.

January 13, 2020 is the first hearing where lawmakers will hear the slate of bills to restrict the Second Amendment.

Hundreds of NRA members came together in Roanoke, Virginia, on Friday night to talk about standing up against the Northam/Bloomberg gun confiscation plan.


NRA spokesperson Catherine Mortensen told The Daily Wire, “We believe it’s best when lawmakers talk directly to voters. We know that NRA members are active and engaged in grassroots activism. The more people out there and sharing the message, that’s a win.”

“The 13th is the first meeting of the Senate Courts of Justice committee. That’s the first committee of jurisdiction on all the Northam gun control,” said Mortensen. “We want to make sure that our members and supporters are in Richmond at that committee hearing on that day so that their voices are heard. It’s critical that our members are there early in the session to make the biggest impact in order to stop these gun bills from moving forward.”

“We’re trying to get our members directly to their lawmakers. We want our members and supporters having those face-to-face meetings with their lawmakers,” stated Mortensen. “We know that law-abiding gun owners are active and engaged. And they may be members of several different groups. This gives them additional opportunities to engage in grassroots activism, and that is all positive. If numerous groups are out there and sharing the message, that’s a win.”

“The NRA is focused on encouraging our members and supporters to be active and engaged with their legislators from the first day of the session to the last. The NRA will have a strong presence at the Capitol throughout the legislative session, but we know it’s the voice and the presence of our members that carry the most weight with lawmakers,” concluded Mortensen.