Gun sale records are currently soaring now, with records being broken month after month. An all-time-high 3.9 million NICS firearm background checks were run for the month of June alone. That means there are millions of new gun owners all over the country. In the current year alone, there have been three months, with over 3 million NICS firearm background checks. That has been the highest ever since the government started to keep records of the background checks.

The increase in the purchase of firearms has been caused by the protests which were triggered by the death of George Floyd. The unfortunate incident is being used by groups like the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa to instigate riots. Multiple cities have been plagued with arson and other crimes.

There is also a call to abolish the police or at least to defund it. Perhaps the culmination of the unrest happened in Seattle, where a group of deluded protestors took over several blocks of the city and declared it to be an autonomous zone. Normally, the police would have protected the people, but the protesters excluded cops within those autonomous zones. There were armed patrols harassing people, claiming that they were the police of the zone. The city government refused to do anything about the occupiers until several people have been killed, including an African American teenager. That showed Americans all over the country that Democrats are willing to destroy their cities and their homes for political gain. It’s not surprising that many people have chosen to arm themselves to get ready to defend their lives and property.

Many people who didn’t want to own guns in the past are now purchasing firearms in droves. They realize that they have to be ready to defend their property if they want to face the leftist mobs. Sometimes the police will not be there to provide protection.