Despite the sudden as a result of three major national crises, President Donald Trump’s campaign seemed to go back on track after earning a seven-point uptick in his nationwide polls.

In a recent Rasmussen Poll, which was released on Wednesday, the numbers indicate that Trump is starting to bounce back by a whopping seven points. This means that presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden is only leading by a slim three points. According to the latest data, the national telephone and online survey suggest that 47 percent of U.S. voters support Biden, while 44 percent support Trump. On the other hand, a small 5 percent prefer another candidate, and another 4 percent remains undecided.

In terms of party affiliations, GOP supporters seemed to become more confident with their candidate. In fact, 79 percent of Republicans would vote for Trump, while 76 percent of Democrats would want Biden. For the Independents, Biden leads by 44 percent versus Trump with 38 percent. This marks a sudden uptick in the president’s polls. That’s because last week, Biden (50%) was already leading by a whopping 10 percentage points, a feat that no candidate had yet achieved. The survey, which was conducted on July 8-0 and July 12-14, covers 1,500 likely voters.

Another survey by the Hill/HarrisX poll also proves that the gap was closing between the two candidates. Currently, Biden leads a mere four points. Moreover, it seemed that the president’s push to economic re-opening did well for the economy, and Americans are seeing it.

To prove this, another Hill-HarrisX poll, which took place between June 22-23, revealed that 54 percent of registered voters approved of Trump’s handling of the economy. In addition, forty-five percent of voters approve of Trump’s performance as president, while 55 percent disapprove.

Moreover, in a report from The Patriot Hill, an almost unanimous vote from Evangelicals support the president’s re-election campaign. Trump’s 90 percent vote was way below Biden’s 8 percent.

Among the voters, 78 percent of the respondents identify as Evangelicals identify, while 7 percent were Black, and 9 percent are Hispanic. Moreover, 56 percent of Protestants and 52 percent of Catholics also agree with the president. Such religious support plays a crucial role in Trump’s success. In fact, the Pew Research identifies that 81 percent of Trump voters identify themselves as “white born again evangelical.”

Dr. George Barna, a leading researcher, claims that “When all the hyperbole is stripped away, and the countless actors who played minor roles are done pontificating about how it was they who shaped the November [2016],” it was Christian conservatives who were responsible for pushing the Trump-Pence tandem. Even the President of the Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr., believed that just like in 2016, Christian conservatives will continue to vote for Trump, as they have become increasingly “disillusioned” by “moderate Republicans.”