According to the Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll, a whopping ninety percent of Evangelical Christian voters supported President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

On Tuesday, the polls released that most evangelicals (90%) wanted Trump to win the upcoming 2020 general elections. The numbers seemed to be a far cry from Biden’s results (8%). Moreover, 78 percent of the Evangelicals identify themselves as White, while 7 percent were Black, and 9 percent were Hispanic.

The data also noted that 56 percent of protestants support Trump versus the 42 percent form Biden. The Catholics also agree with a 52 percent vote against the Democratic nominee’s 44 percent.

However, Trump did not garner much support from the Jewish community with 28 percent, while Biden had 61 percent. Atheists also expressed their disdain against Trump with an 8 percent vote, while the former Vice President had nearly unanimous support (90%).

The support from Evangelical voters has become crucial in Trump’s 2016 campaign. In fact, According to Pew Research, 81 percent of voters who identify themselves as “white born again evangelical” had voted for Trump. As Dr. George Barna, author and a leading researcher on the intersection of faith, culture, and politics, explained that it was “Christian conservatives” who were responsible for putting Trump in power. Barna wrote, “When all the hyperbole is stripped away, and the countless actors who played minor roles are done pontificating about how it was they who shaped the November [2016]” he concluded that the “outcome, the empirical evidence shows that it was Christian conservatives…who pushed the Trump-Pence tandem to the top of the mountain.”

Fellow conservative and president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr. forecasted that just like in 2016, Trump will continue to win the Evangelical vote. Falwell believed that as much as 83 percent of Evangelical voters will support Trump’s re-election campaign. He explained that the voters have become “disillusioned” by the “moderate Republican” presidents that had taken over the past decades. As a result, they have altogether stopped on voting over social issues, and instead, redirected their focus on someone who can give them feasible solutions such as addressing the issue of employment and the country’s trade deals.

The increasing support of Evangelicals on President Donald Trump came as no surprise, especially since the ongoing Black Lives Matter had made them an easy target of hate and violence.

Just last week, BLM supporters stormed a local Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York. The protester gathered outside of the church to scream the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” However, as churchgoers started to arrive, they began to physically assault the pastor and his churchgoers, as well as harass children who were walking with their parents.

In a report from The Patriot Hill, Steven Shields had driven through a church’s front door in Ocala, Florida. Being immensely dissatisfied with his extreme act of violence, Shields had even doused the building with gasoline and had set it on fire, all while there were still people inside.