On Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump rips former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, over his incompetence during the entire length of his presidential campaign. Trump also believed that Biden would have been pushed over if he is to win the presidency.

During the interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Trump said “Whenever he does talk, he can’t put two sentences together.” He continued “I don’t want to be nice or un-nice. The man can’t speak and he is going to be president, because some people don’t love me, maybe.”


The President also blasted Biden over his numerous gaffes throughout the campaign. Trump listed the times that the former Vice President made erroneous statements, including one when he claimed that he was running for senate, and a recent clip in which Biden said that 120 million Americans died from a COVID-19 infection.

Trump said that while it is okay for some people to make mistakes and apologize for their own shortcomings, such errors should not be “acceptable” if you are running for the presidency, “That is not a permissible type of error,” Trump noted. Moreover, he also mocked the former Vice President for criticizing his decision to issue a travel ban on China, and called him “xenophobic.” Trump said, “I don’t think he knows what the word means,” the President mocked Biden.

Moreover, Trump believed that Biden lacked political will power and that he would simply be pushed over by “far-left” if he wins the presidency. Trump notes that even if Biden’s campaign was focused on being “center-left,” the radical left would find new ways to “take him over,” citing an instance in which failed Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders claimed that he would force Biden to adopt as much as far-left agendas as possible. Trump concluded that “A guy like Biden, he’s not going to have any power to do anything about it, and they’re dragging him.”

In fact, there has been a growing number of Americans who share the President’s sentiments. As Biden’s gaffes and poor mental health condition became more apparent, 55 percent of Americans believe that he is suffering from an early onset of dementia. In a recently released Zogby International Polls, which covered 1,007 “likely voters,” the data revealed that the nominee’s mistakes became more noticeable.

77 percent of Republicans agree that Biden’s mental health is deteriorating, while a stunning 56 percent of independent voters, and 32 percent of Democrats agree that the former vice president is suffering from Dementia.

However, despite Biden’s seemingly lethargic campaigns and gaffes, he continued to dominate the polls. For example, media outlets, the Economist reported that the Democratic nominee had an 87 percent chance of winning the upcoming 2020 general elections. He also continued to dominate in nationwide polls by having a 12 point lead from the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll.