On Tuesday, Former US President Barack Obama lambasted President Donald Trump, claiming that the current administration shows a “shambolic, disorganized, mean ”approach to governance.”

During a virtual fundraiser for presumptive Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, Obama did not hesitate to express his criticisms against the Trump administration, a move that no US president has ever done before.

The former commander-in-chief believed that the administration failed to embody the American values. Obama began by saying over the last few years, the White House had allowed Republicans and the “media structure” to support policies and beliefs that are not in line with “very foundations of who we are and who we should be.”

He lamented how the administration had completely disregarded facts and science. Instead, he enabled the spread of fake news about the “deadly disease,” a brief reference to the Democratic Party’s black propaganda against Trump. Moreover, Obama believed that Trump had incited the increasing bipartisanship in US politics.

While he spends a few minutes criticizing the government, he offered a solution, “help is on the way,” Obama boasted. He suggested that the American people should vote for Sleepy Joe, and gives his full trust that the rather lethargic and often confused Biden can lead and heal the country to recovery.

Obama also sees the ongoing nationwide protests and violent riots as “good news” and describes the demonstrations as a “Great Awakening.” He continued, “what makes me optimistic is the fact that there is a Great Awakening going on around the country.” He added, ‘particularly among younger people who are saying not only are they fed up with the shambolic disorganized mean spirited approach to governance.” He also called young Americans to take action against the “core challenges” that have constantly plagued America.

Originally, “Great Awakening” refers to a historic period of religious revival in American society, a period that started several decades before the Revolution. At that time, Christian leaders would travel from town to town to preach the gospel and revive enthusiasm for Christianity.

The fundraiser signals Obama’s first appearance for Biden’s campaign. Overall, they have managed to tase $7.6 million from 175,000 donors.

This is not the first time that Obama expressed his disdain against Trump. Recently, the former commander-in-chief blasted the President during an online address for university graduates. In his statement, Obama accused Trump of being incompetent to handle the situation, “folks in charge know what they’re doing.” He added that the President did not even bother to “pretend” anymore and that he would constantly encourage division.

Last month, Obama also shared his increasing concern that the “rule of law is at risk” after the Department of Justice revealed declassified information that points out to the-incoming National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn’s innocence. In fact, based on countless interviews and emails, Obama, along with his top admin officials, have deliberately planned to set-up Flynn in connection with talks about a possible “Russian Collusion.”