In a recent Zogby International Polls, a stunning 55 percent of voters agree that former Vice President and presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden, 77, is suffering from “early stages of dementia.”

The survey, which covered 1,007 “likely voters,” agrees that the Democratic nominee’s mental health is deteriorating. According to the results, several subgroups who approve of President Donald Trump’s administration, also agree that Biden could be suffering from an early onset of dementia. This meant that the majority of the Republicans (77%) and nearly half of the independent voters (56%) agree that Bide struggled to keep up his mental health. On the other hand, Democrats (32%) were less likely to believe that Biden has issues with trying to stay alert.

While a significant number of voters agree that Biden struggles with deteriorating mental health, others refused to completely believe that the Democratic nominee might not be mentally equipped to be the next commander-in-chief. Based on the polls, important subgroups do not agree that Biden is suffering from early dementia. To point this out, while 60 percent of men believe that the vice president has failing mental health, 50 percent of women believe that it is less likely.

Zogby International observed that there is an inverse relationship between age and the likelihood that the nominee might be struggling with dementia. Based on the data, as voters get older, they are less likely to agree that Biden was exhibiting early-onset dementia. The poll cited that voters between 18-24 are 60 percent of voters more likely to believe so while voters aged 65 and up are 50 percent less likely to believe that the nominee has dementia.

In terms of geography, 61 percent of voters who live in medium-sized cities believe that Biden is more likely to suffer from failing mental health, while people living in large cities are 52 percent more likely to do so, and 52 percent of voters in suburbs agree.

Moreover, 51 percent of suburban women are less likely to believe that Biden is not mentally equipped to be the next commander in chief. On the other hand, men in urban areas are 62 percent more likely to agree that the nominee is having an early onset of dementia.

Even President Donald Trump had noticed Biden’s lackluster and often lethargic campaigns. As a response, Trump nicknamed him “Sleepy Joe.” Add into that a long list of his memory losses, incoherent phrases, and verbal stumbles. In a MAGA rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, the President suggested that people should put him in a retirement home, “They are going to put him in a home, and other people are going to be running the country.” The President added, “Sleepy Joe, he doesn’t even know where he is or what he’s doing or what office he’s running for.” Trump blasted, “Honestly, I don’t think he knows what office he’s running for.”

On Wednesday, The Patriot Hill reported that “Sleepy Joe” asked Trump to “wake up” during his meeting with small business owners in Pennsylvania. He also made another mental relapse after he stared at the camera for a few seconds before walking off stage without taking any questions.