Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minn) accused President Donald Trump of “glorifying violence” and called for his condemnation.

During an appearance on left-wing media ABC’s “This Week” with Geoge Stephanopoulos, Omar and the host discussed the death of 46-year-old George Floyd and the protests and riots that followed his death.

Stephanopoulos asked Omar, saying, “You faced threats inspired by President Trump in the past, what would you like to hear from him now?” Omar answered that there was a kind of leadership that “could have been displayed” by President Trump but didn’t, so now they are looking for that “leadership” in others and in “one another.”

Omar accused the President of failing to understand the kind of “pain and anguish” that many Americans are feeling. She continued to say that America has a president “who really is glorifying violence” and talks about “vicious dogs and weapons” going to be unleashed on his citizens. She then claimed that thinking about that is just “appalling and disturbing.”

Then Omar called for the condemnation of President Trump, saying, “We condemn other nations when their presidents make those kinds of statements when there’s unrest in their countries.” So she believes that Americans have to condemn President Trump at the “highest sort” of condemnation. What she exactly means with that, nobody knows.

Democrats have been quick on pinning the blame of the riots and protests to President Trump, just like what they did with the Chinese coronavirus outbreak. Another staunch Trump critic, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), blames the President for the burning and the looting happening all across the country.

On Saturday, Waters appeared on MSNBC and claimed that Trump had emboldened the racists and the police officers to be “nastier, tough, to do things like the chokehold.”

Democrats are condemning everything they see unfit with their beliefs, but not the actual riots that have caused mayhem across the country, resulting in people being hurt and businesses being burned to the ground.