Hollywood hotshots were quick to defend the former President Barack Obama on his “Obamagate scandal,” as recently released transcripts from the House Committee hearing showed how his top officials orchestrated Flynn’s “Perjury Trap.”

Just last week, The Patriot Hill reported that President Donald Trump celebrated as new information revealed how top Obama officials pushed then-incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn to lie, as well as spread misinformation on the alleged “Russian Collusion” and its influence on Trump’s 2016 presidential bid. In his Twitter post, the President wrote: “He got caught, OBAMAGATE!”.

Trump also believed that the recently uncovered evidence was proof that Obama and former vice-president Joe Biden was the most “corrupt administrations in history.”

To make matters worse, Yahoo News had also obtained Obama’s leaked calls to members of his Alumni Association. During the said call, the former President lamented that the “rule of law” had been at risk due to the DOJ’s decision to drop Flynn’s case. He also explained his frustration on how things have turned out.

Sadly, despite the glaring manipulation that Obama and his top officials had on Flynn’s case, Tinseltown’s biggest and brightest stars continued to back up and defend the former President.

Actor Jeffrey Wright dismissed the scandal by saying that it was “just so f*cking stupid” and added that 80,000 Americans have lost their lives due to Trump’s incompetence.

For filmmakers, Ava DuVernay, the Obamagate scandal was simply a product of the republican “bots” who wanted to push people away from real issues such as free tests, food, and unemployment.

Another staunch Trump critic, Barbra Streisand, echoed Obama’s sentiments by claiming that “the rule of law is under siege.”

Then, there was George Takei, who went on to re-live iconic moments in the Obama administration. https://twitter.com/GeorgeTakei/status/1259503209602625537?s=20

Finally, there was comedian Sandra Bernhard who went on to thank Obama for his leaked call .

The glaring media bias had been evident, not just on the so-called Obamagate scandal, but as well as in other Dem sponsored propaganda. Just recently, Michelle Obama and Tom Hanks’s “non-partisan” organization supported the nationwide “cheat-by-mail” voting for the upcoming 2020 elections.

The organization called MoveOn shared a message to its massive email list asking to support and sign the petition for a “safe election.” In fact, they have even used the ongoing coronavirus outbreak to push for their own advocacy.