As the newly released transcripts from the House Intelligence Committee interview showed how high-ranking Obama officials have planned to set up then-incoming National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, into a “perjury trap,” President Donald Trump rejoiced as the truth finally came out, calling the entire incident as “Obamagate.”

In his twitter post, the President challenged Obama for leading the investigation against the so-called “Russian Collusion” and its influence on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. In his Twitter post, Trump wrote: “He got caught, OBAMAGATE!”

While Trump celebrated the truth, Obama and the rest of the Democratic party became increasingly tense, as it had finally debunked all their allegations.

Moreover, Trump also retweeted several social media posts against the former President.

The President also shared a message from pundit Buck Sexton, adding that it was the “biggest political crime in American History by far!”

Even more damning, media outlet, Yahoo News obtained a leaked phone call from the former President in which he gave a scathing attack on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Obama even described it as an “absolute chaotic disaster.”

Obama made the phone call to members of his own Alumni Association. During the phone call, the former President expressed his disappointment and frustration over the seeming lack of media coverage on the DOJ’s decision to drop Flynn’s case.

Moreover, he also attacked Trump’s handling of the Chinese outbreak, which had infected already more than 1.3 million Americans, and took more than 77,000 lives. In the phone call, Obama claimed that they were fighting selfishness and bipartisanship.

In addition, Obama believed that the increased sense of “being tribal, and “being divided” was the primary reason why the pandemic had become “anemic” and “spotty.” The former President explained that even with the best government, the pandemic would have still happened. However, Obama believed that it had become increasingly chaotic when the Trump administration prioritized their own self-interest over the public’s welfare.

Instead of helping the current administration in what might have been considered as the worst crisis in history, Obama chose to speak out against Trump and echoed the same sentiments other members of the Democratic party had. In fact, since the beginning of the outbreak, left-wing politicians and establishment media had been critical of the administration’s decisions. From claiming that there was no reason for Trump to issue a travel ban, to pinning the blame on the current administration for downplaying the massive implications of the Chinese virus.

Just last month, Obama gave his endorsement to his close colleague, and former vice-president, Joe Biden. The former President also promised that he would become more involved in Biden’s candidacy in their pursuit against Trump.