The recent release of an FBI “FD-1023” document has brought forth allegations of bribery against President Joe Biden, potentially bolstering the case for opening an impeachment inquiry into the president.

According to the FD-1023, a Ukrainian businessman from the Burisma energy company is alleged to have paid Joe Biden through shell companies and hired his son, Hunter Biden, with the intention of influencing the removal of a prosecutor who was investigating the company.

The document further states that both Joe and Hunter Biden were purportedly paid $5 million to ensure the firing of the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, as Burisma sought to list itself on U.S. stock markets and needed to avoid being under investigation during that process. Joe Biden is referred to as the “big guy,” which was also used as a nickname in another venture with a Chinese company, as mentioned in Hunter Biden’s laptop.

These allegations first surfaced in June 2020 and date back several years, echoing similar claims made in 2018 when then-former Vice President Biden boasted about having Shokin fired in 2015.

In 2019, President Donald Trump requested Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the matter, which ultimately led to his impeachment by Democrats. The Democrats vehemently denied any wrongdoing by the Bidens and Burisma during the impeachment proceedings.

The FD-1023 suggests that Hunter Biden was hired, despite alleged doubts about his capabilities, to “protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems.” Joe Biden has denied these allegations, claiming in 2019 that he never discussed his family’s business interests with them—an assertion that has since been contradicted, with Democrats attempting to argue that he knew about it but did not actively participate.

Trump’s impeachment revolved around questions about whether he had impeded U.S. foreign policy by withholding security funds from Ukraine until the investigation took place. However, the mention of “bribery” as an impeachable offense in the U.S. Constitution adds weight to the recent allegations against President Biden, along with the accusation of treason. The situation remains contentious and highly debated, with potential ramifications for the country’s political landscape.