On Thursday, Hollywood actress, and former Democratic supporter, Rose McGowan denounced the left-wing party’s political scheme, saying that the entire impeachment process is “cult propaganda.”

The actress, who used to be a strong Democratic supporter, believed that the impeachment resolution against President Donald Trump is only a “distraction”’ for the underlying issues that the country is facing right now. In a scathing tweet, the actress wrote, “This impeachment is Cult propaganda. A theater of mass distraction. US cult members on the left will cheer; those on the right will be in a fury.”

The actress also slammed the political elites by saying that while the rest of the country is “sick”’ and “starving”, the Democrats wasted their time on impeaching Trump, “And the country’s starving, sick & poor will sink farther & farther. Good thing the Elites are leading us!.”

McGowan’s response is a stark contrast from what most Hollywood stars have shared on social media. In fact, several celebrities celebrated the President’s second impeachment.

In a Twitter post by a documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, declared that Trump should be “convicted” for inciting the Capitol violence that has resulted in the deaths of five individuals.

His fellow director, and vocal anti-Trump critic, Rob Reiner agreed with Moore’s statement, as well as Hocus Pocus star, Bete Midler.

Model Crissy Teigan wrote that she never thought that any President could be impeached twice.

Hollywood celebrity, Michael Black suggested that Democrats should go for a third impeachment against Trump.

Finally, other Hollywood celebrities, such as actor and activist, Sophie Bush praised the ten Republican representatives who voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment.

Previously, McGowan shared in a lengthy social media post why she decided to abandon the Democratic party. The actress went on to express the hypocrisy and her disgust for Democrats who have worked and supported convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein.

She also called out President-Elect, Joe Biden as a “fraud” and “liar” as well as the rest of the establishment media for shutting down sexual assault allegations by a former Biden staffer, Tara Reade. In addition, the actress also criticized social media giants such as Facebook, and Twitter, for banning President Donald Trump from using the microblogging platform.