Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists wasted no time in being violent against those who disagree with them politically after the presidential election. This comes after the Million MAGA March that took place on Saturday. The violent activist waited after the large rally was over and they stalked the individual participants of the rally to attack them. In some instances, the people that they attacked are women, families with children, and the elderly.

The activists threw fireworks at some MAGA rally-goers. The fireworks can cause serious burns and injuries. They also flashed lights into hotel rooms. Those powerful laser lights can cause eye injuries and even blindness. There were also numerous instances of the activists physically assaulting Trump supporters who were peacefully going about their way.

There was one instance when an elderly person was going down the street with a scooter. They attacked him by throwing down his scooter and throwing acid on him. They screamed at him, “Get the fk out of here! You better run motherfker! You better run motherf**ker!”

A black mother who was wearing a Blue Lives Matter hat and a Trump jacket was also attacked. Even though she had her children with her, she was still attacked by the activists. Some of the Antifa activists shouted racist obscenities against her and her children as they threatened to do physical harm to them.

Andy Ngo, the independent reporter who has experienced the violence of Antifa first hand also reported on the abuses that are going on the ground. He tweeted several videos showing the violence being committed by Antifa and BLM activists. In one video, Ngo shared how Antifa thugs attacked a man using a flag pole that they stole. “Antifa black bloc in DC beat a man on the head using a stolen flag as a stick. They’re still roaming the streets tonight in packs looking for Trump supporters,” Ngo posted.

The activists also tried to storm the Capital Hilton hotel where many Trump supporters were staying. Ngo reported that they failed to storm the hotel so they just flashed lasers into the windows of the building. “Unable to rush the lobby of The Capital Hilton hotel in DC, a mob of BLM-antifa are standing in the street and shining lights and lasers into the building’s windows,” Ngo reported.