Violent Antifa operatives attacked a group of Trump supporters who are protesting the rampant voter fraud that happened during the election and the irregularities taking place during the counting of the votes. The rally took place in the state capitol of Washington. On Saturday, several supporters of the President gathered in the streets of Olympia, and they marched their way to the capitol. They were protesting what’s happening with the counting and the numerous cases of voter fraud being reported.

As the Trump supporters were conducting a peaceful rally, Antifa operatives started attacking the gathering. They used weapons to intimidate the Trump supporters. There were videos of the incident that were posted on social media.

Katie Daviscourt posted a video on her Twitter account. “NOW: Antifa Militants attack Trump Supporters. One man is bleeding from the head. Olympia PD deploys flash bangs and crowd control munitions. #stopthesteal”

Leftists are becoming more and more violent, and now with the false victory claimed by the mainstream media for Joe Biden, they would only be encouraged to conduct more attacks on conservatives. The incident in Washington state is just a sample of what leftists have in mind for conservatives and those who supported President Donald Trump.

There’s already talk among the Democrats and their allies of listing down anyone who has supported Trump in any way so they can be punished for their political decisions. What these reprisals constitute is not clear yet but the fact that they are openly discussing them is very scary.

They are making sure that their message is understood clearly. Their main message is that anyone who opposes their political decision will have to pay. Some Democrats are calling for unity and reconciliation, and yet they are the ones who spread so much hate during the campaign and even before that.