Lancaster Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser has been forced to resign because his wife made pro-Trump comments that have been posted on social media. This is according to the Lancaster Fraternal Order of Police. John Fiorill, the previous president of the local Fraternal Order of Police, claims that Mayor Danene Sorace demanded that Berkihiser resign because his wife said through Facebook comments that she will be voting for President Trump because of how he supports police and law enforcement. Berkihisher is set to leave his post on October 31. He has worked for the Lancaster Police Department for more than 25 years.

“This was an unjust situation that he was placed in, a clear violation of his rights,” Fiorill said. “He was advised by the mayor that she wanted his resignation, based on those statements made on Facebook, not by Chief Berkihiser, but by Chief Berkihiser’s wife.”

“He retired under his conditions, not the conditions of the mayor, not a termination. That’s exactly what he wanted to avoid, and he wanted to avoid that turmoil,” Fiorill added. He believes that the move to have Berkihiser resign was politically motivated because the mayor is a Democrat. Like many other Democrat officials, she cannot stand the idea of anyone giving President Trump support.

Fiorill added that the decision is unjust and unfair to Berkihiser, who has dedicated his career to the city and police everywhere.

“I know that it’s tearing him apart that he gave so much of himself, that he gave so much of his time for the city of Lancaster that separated him from his family,” Fiorill added. “For them to treat him like that, I don’t doubt that it’s a heartbreaking and very stressful time for him.”

Mayor Sorace has declined to comment on the matter, claiming that she is legally bound not to say anything about the matter. She is just using that excuse because her move and decision are unjustifiable. She is just reverting to the usual Democrat way of deflecting the issue and refusing to answer for the decisions that she has made.