As the election day draws to a close, radical left-wing activists plan to shut down the country and instigate a coup if President Donald Trump wins his re-election bid.

In a Google Doc, the organization mapped out the plan to disrupt the country and force the President out of the White House if the election results between Trump and Biden were too close. The document, entitled “Stopping the Coup,” available as a Google doc, was written by a radical group called ShutDownDC.

The group warned that in the case of a close call in the results of Trump-Biden elections, the group would instigate a coup to take down the present administration. The document reads, “Preventing Donald Trump from stealing the election and remaining in office is likely to take mass, sustained disruptive movements all over the country.” The group noted that the document should serve as a guide for the coup.

The group claimed that their goal is to ensure a “fair election.” However, it seemed that the organizers would only accept the results as long as it fits into their political preference. Based on the said manual, the group noted that in the case of a “highly-contested” election, they must “clear” out anything that might hinder its fair results, including bringing down the “pillars of power.” The group explained that they plan to capitalize on non-compliance as a way to force Trump out of power. To do this, they instructed Americans to take over the streets, highways, and places of the so-called “power holders.”

The group also clearly stated that they would refuse to back down until the election results ruled in their favor. In fact, the organizers cited that they would do anything, even use force, such as holding boycotts, strikes, and implement slowdowns in an effort to prevent the “illegitimate ruling party” from seizing control. They also stated that activists would physically ensure the protection of the ballots from military, counter-protester, and even bizarrely, “white supremacist militias.”

In addition, the group also outlined the plans in case the election ruled in their favor. ShutDown DC wrote that they will have to reinforce “pillars of power,” such as the military, the media, the businesses, and other major institutions to side with the American people. The group cited that for real systemic changes to take place, people must sacrifice their day to day life. “If everyday life goes on, a despot will not leave power, and so there will be no incentive for real systems change. You want to think about what it might take to stop business-as-usual,” the document reads.

The group demanded that no Presidential winner should be announced until every ballot has been counted. If not, then the document cites that it would be time for them to implement a “mass-coordinated action.”

Disturbingly, the instruction seemed to depict a Hollywood dystopian movie rather than a real-life scenario. In the manual, the organizers claimed that their signal for the shutdown would be the official announcement that Trump had won the elections. The group even made bizarre scenarios such as Attorney General William Barr seizing the election results.

Despite their massive disdain against President Donald Trump, the group claimed that they were not Biden supporters, or were only deployed to ensure that Democrats would take the seat in the upcoming 2020 general elections. The group concluded with a lame abd baseless argument that they were just “actually preparing for the possibility that white supremacist violence will continue.”