Supporters of President Trump erected a giant sign that resembles the world-famous Hollywood sign along Interstate 405 in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the city government, which always acts fast when it has to censor conservative voices, sent out a crew just hours after the sign was erected to have it taken down. It was reported that the sign was ten feet high. It spelled out the President’s last name in large capital letters reminiscent of the one seen in Hollywood. It faced the northbound traffic on the highway.

“The sign had been placed in an area with dry brush, and the reporting party was apparently concerned it could spark a blaze,” that was according to a local news station that reported on the incident. It was just an excuse to have the sign taken down because of many left-wing people in the area offended by it. There was simply no way that the sign itself could have started a fire. In fact, the workers that were sent in to take down the sign were more likely to start a fire as they worked in the area.

Some observers criticized the speed by which the city government took down the sign. They complained that residents have been waiting for a long time for some basic services but have not received any help and yet the sign was taken down with such speed. “That was QUICK. The city of Los Angeles Crybaby dimwits send out crews immediately to dismantle a HUGE Trump sign, meanwhile the taxpaying citizens have to wait up to 5 YEARS to get the city to remove rotting trees from their communities and repair crumbing public streets,” one Twitter user complained.

Some leftists were hoping that someone would burn down the sign. The problem is that a fire there would probably start a grass fire that could spread to the surrounding area.

This just shows the level of support that people have for President Trump. It’s unimaginable that someone would have the same level of enthusiasm for Joe Biden. Only Trump can inspire that kind of support from voters.