President Trump and First Lady Melania tested positive on COVID-19, although both asymptomatic, on Friday after earlier exposure to senior aide Hope Hicks.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, confirmed the report on The Kyle Olson Show. Breitbart News reported Trump shows “mild” symptoms since the announcement.

Dr. Jackson said the president doesn’t have lung disease, heart disease, or any condition “that would put him at risk.” He said 99.5 percent in the same age bracket “recover spontaneously” without any symptoms.

“I fully expect this to resolve itself in the next 7 to 10 days,” Dr. Jackson said. He also said that “a quarantine is for people who have been exposed and tested negative.” Thus, he doesn’t expect the president to be on quarantine for ten days.

According to the doctor, the White House has a strict testing protocol that enabled Trump’s case to be caught early. He predicts the president’s administrative duties won’t be severely affected, given his aides’ additional safety measures.

“The campaign’s a different story,” Dr. Jackson said, adding it will “be on hold for a few days.”

President Trump had previously scheduled campaign stops in Florida on Friday evening and two stops in Wisconsin on Saturday.

“It will affect the campaign more than it will affect his ability to do his job as president,” he said.

The doctor said the nasty and cheerful reactions from the progressive left is not a surprise.

Not even an hour had passed after Trump’s announcement, and the Washington Post tweeted an opinion entitled, “Imagine what it will be like never to have to think about Trump again.”

Dr. Jackson said, “Nothing surprises me about them. They hate this president so badly they dehumanize him, and it is disgusting the stuff they say online and the stuff that they write.”

“It’s un-American for anyone to be wishing harm upon our president,” he said.

“They will do anything to serve their political purposes.”