There might be some changes to the next presidential debates. The Commission on Presidential Debates, the supposedly non-partisan group which manages the debates are reportedly considering making changes to the rule of the next two debates after the first one and one of the changes which they are considering to implement is giving the moderator the ability to cut off the mics of the debaters. That was according to a source who spoke to CBS News. if true, the change in rules is likely to prevent the President from relentlessly attacking Joe Biden.

The next debate will be moderated by Steve Scully of C-SPAN, while Kristen Welker of NBC News will moderate the last one. It is expected that the other two moderators will be coming out in favor of Biden just like what Chris Wallace did in the first debate. The Fox anchor was so obviously favoring the Democrat candidate that he tried to cut off the President whenever Biden could not answer. The bias was so evident that people pointed out that President Trump was actually debating him and not Biden.

CBS reported:

“The commission that oversees the general election presidential debates said Wednesday it will be making changes to the format of the remaining two debates. One key change it plans to implement: Cutting off the microphones of President Trump and Joe Biden if they break the rules, according to a source familiar with the commission’s deliberations. The plans have not been finalized and the commission is still considering how it would carry out the plan.”

There are Democrat claims that Biden won that debate, and yet they are also calling for the former vice president to not show up on the second one. It’s obvious that they don’t even believe their own claim that Biden won the debate. If they won, then why would they demand that the other debates be canceled? They are aware that it’s not making Biden look good. The inconsistencies that he is showing on the stage show his vulnerabilities. Without Wallace protecting him, he would have made a huge embarrassment of himself. It’s not surprising that the Democrats and their allies are now trying everything that they can to give Biden an advantage over the President for the next time that they face-off.