Tuesday’s presidential debate gave President Donald Trump a new opponent- this time he was not sparring Democratic nominee Joe Biden, but the debate moderator Chris Wallace.

In the first ten minutes of the debate, it seemed that the President was not fighting against his Democratic opponent, but the moderator himself. It had gone so bad that the President went on to say, “I guess I’m debating you, not him, but that’s OK, I’m not surprised.” Trump remarked after Wallace criticized the President by siding with Biden in his plan to take down Obamacare without having any replacement.

Wallace’s disdain against Trump is nothing new. In fact, the host had a long history of criticizing the administration. However, the problem is that given his role as a debate moderator, Wallace’s political bias might affect voter decisions. The host was so biased, Breitbart News even claimed that he had issued criticisms against the President on at least 15 different occasions.

During the course of the debate, Biden and Wallace also teamed up to bring up the false accusation that Trump had described white supremacists in Charlottesville as “very fine people.” In fact, the President openly condemned these people during the event. In exchange, Trump wanted Biden to condone the rioters that have caused millions of dollars in damages across U.S. cities. However, the Democratic nominee continued to defend that Antifa was an “idea’’ rather than a terrorist organization.

As a response, several journalists even blasted Wallace’s approach during the debate and shared their frustration on social media. For example, media personality Charli Kirk wrote that the President should not have to debate both Wallace and Biden.

Another media personality, Andy McCarthy shared the same sentiment. He also noticed that Wallace would jump on points that Biden was struggling to answer Trump’s question.


Even former Acting Director of the United States National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, noticed Wallace’s bias against Trump.

Hollywood stars were also frustrated by Wallace’s performance, as he was unable to contain the President from overpowering Biden during the debate proceeding. In a Twitter post, actress and vocal Trump critic, Bette Midler described the moderator as a “wuss.”

Hollywood star Bradley Whitford remarked that the left-wing host would be a bad ”substitute teacher.”

On the other hand, actor Zach Braff only had a few short words for the moderator, “Chris Wallace is the worst I’ve ever seen this.” he wrote.