The violence and the rioting in Portland continue as Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists are still flooding the streets of the city. In one incident a firebomb was thrown towards the direction of the line formed by police officers facing the rioters but it fell short and it hit two Antifa activists instead. The incident was caught on video. The two activists ran in opposite directions and so the video was focused on one of them.

The man tried rolling on the ground as the activists around him tried to put out the fire ineffectually. It seems that none of them was carrying a fire extinguisher. Ironically, it was the police who were able to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher that they were carrying. Unsurprisingly, none of the protesters seem to know the right way of handling an emergency situation like that.

So, it was the police officers that they were targeting with the firebomb who saved the activist. There is no word if the man suffered injuries but because of how long it took to put out the fire, his legs must have suffered some serious burns. If the firebomb had hit the line of police officers, it would have potentially caused enough burns to kill a person. It was only the incompetence of the Antifa and BLM activists that saved the officers from being hurt by the firebomb.

Democrats, including Joe Biden, have continued to call the rioting happening in cities like Portland as peaceful protests. Portland has experienced 100 days of continued violence in the streets as its mayor, Ted Wheeler has been unwilling to take action against the rioters. His incompetence and inaction are causing a great deal of harm to the ordinary citizens of his city.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly offered federal government assistance to the city of Portland but Wheeler has always refused. He even blames the President for the violence being perpetrated by the Antifa and BLM activists. The ones who are suffering the most because of all the violence going on are the owners of the businesses in the city that are being affected by the never-ending rioting.