Nicholas Sandmann, the student that the mainstream media doxxed and tried to cancel after he attended the March for Life in 2019, wore his famous hat again at the RNC. He has nothing but praise for President Donald Trump for standing up against “cancel culture.” Sandmann filed lawsuits against left-wing media outlets like CNN and the Washington Post for accusing him of being a racist and a white supremacist. The media claimed that he was attacking a Native American as was caught on video.

It turns out that the group of students that Sandmann was a part of was the one harassed by a group of radical Black cultists and the Native American man was the one who came up to them to make a scene. The video showed Sandmann just standing and smiling in front of the man who was playing a drum. He was not doing anything aggressive but because he was wearing a MAGA hat, the media smeared him right away as a white supremacist. CNN and the Post agreed to settle the lawsuits.

Sandmann delivered a powerful message about his experience during the convention, “But I wouldn’t be cancelled. I fought back hard to expose the media for what they did to me and won a personal victory. While much more must be done, I look forward to the day that the media returns to providing balanced, responsible and accountable news coverage.”

He added, “I know President Trump hopes for that too. I’m proud to say that throughout my media nightmare I have had President Trump’s unwavering support.”

He then ended his message by saying, “And together, I believe we must all embrace our 1st Amendment rights and not hide in fear of the media, or from the tech companies or the outrage mob either.” After that, he took out his red MAGA hat and wore it proudly.

Sandmann’s appearance at the RNC is just one of the many reasons why it was so much more interesting than the DNC. It delivered a real message that resonated with Americans all over the country. The speakers have messages that people wanted to hear.