Contrary to the mainstream media’s forecast that President Donald Trump’s campaign trail is bound to fail, a recent poll by American Principles Project (APP) and SPRY Strategies suggested that, in fact, Trump is leading in seven battleground states, following a narrow lead in four others.

The results which were released on Wednesday revealed that Trump leads by 49 percent versus Democratic nominee Joe Biden with 46 percent in Georgia. The President also leads by more than half with 60 percent votes compared to Biden’s 34 percent in Kentucky.

Moreover, Trump continues to dominate by 52 percent in Montana, against the nominee’s 42 percent. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, the President leads by 49 percent versus 46 percent from the Democrat. He also leads with 49 percent in Texas, against the nominees 45 percent. In Michigan, Trump had a five-point lead with 50 percent, while Biden had 45 percent.

It was also a close call in three other states with Trump leading by 49 percent in Arizona, against Biden’s 45 percent, as well as in Pennsylvania with 48 percent while Biden had 47 percent. In Iowa, Trump had a 48 percent advantage versus the Democrat’s 46 percent. Finally, Trump also leads in Wisconsin by a slim 46 percent against Biden’s 45 percent.

The survey was conducted between the ten states using a huge sample size of 42,000 voters statewide. The data was also modeled after the 2016 voter turnout, which can also serve as a good basis for the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. In a statement Terry Schilling, executive director at APP, “It is clear from our polling that the reports of President Trump’s impending electoral doom are greatly exaggerated.” Schilling admitted that while the President still has a lot to do to pain the presumptive Democratic nominee as an “enabler” of some of the worse concepts from the left-wing, it still disproves the fact that the President is on the losing side.

The survey also delved into some of the most controversial issues in the country today, including the desecration of several statues, the growing Black Lives Matter Movement, online pornography, as well as the suppression of social media platforms. Schilling explains that “Black Lives Matter is very popular until voters learn what Black Lives Matter actually supports — then it becomes very unpopular.”

In terms of issues regarding the internet, a majority of voters wanted to “protect” children on the harms of pornography, as well as expressed their frustration over Big Tech companies who are suppressing people’s freedom of expression. In fact, a growing number of Americans said that they were being scared to express their opinion on the public.

According to a recent poll commissioned by the Cato Institute, 62 percent of Americans, composed of 77 percent Republicans, and 52 percent of Democrats said they are afraid to express their opinion on the public. Cato’s Emily Ekins observed that the staunch liberals are the most outspoken group when it comes to sharing their political opinion.