In an interview for “Fox News Sunday,” President Donald Trump blasts off his presidential rival, presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden to take a mental health test over speculations that the former Vice President is suffering from early stages of dementia.

During the interview, the president proudly announced that he had aced the cognitive test, or more known as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment back in 2018. He continued, “Let’s take a test right now. Let’s go down, Joe and I will take a test. Let him take the same test that I took.”

However, the show’s host, Chris Wallace, claimed that the test was just a piece of cake. The host said that it was not the “hardest test” and that it was just some silly pictures of elephants. The president dismissed Wallace’s claim, saying that it was just a “misrepresentation.” He explained that the first few questions might be “easy,” but the last five questions were very difficult.

“I’ll bet you couldn’t, they get very hard, the last five questions,” Trump said to Wallace. Wallace cited that one of the questions was counting back from 100 by seven, and as he began counting, Trump rebutted that the host could not answer most of the questions. The president went on to say that he had successfully answered 35 correct answers. “I’ll get you the test; I’d like to give it. I’ll guarantee you that Joe Biden could not answer those questions,” Trump declared. Last month, questions about Biden’s real cognitive health had made headlines after he claimed that he had “constantly tested’ for cognitive decline. Unfortunately, his campaign team failed to reveal the Vice President’s result. Moreover, According to the Zogby International poll, a whopping 55 percent of voters believed that Biden is suffering from the early stages of dementia.

The conversation also became more hostile as Wallace revealed that the Fox News Polls claimed that Biden continues to lead in the national presidential survey. While the host claimed that Trump has 100 days before the upcoming general election in November, he concluded that “at this point, you’re losing.”

The president was not happy with Wallace’s conclusion.

Trump defended his ratings, adding that it was just a “fake poll.” He continued that fake polls have become imminent as it was back in 2016. For example, Trump pointed out that the survey was composed of 22 percent Republicans, which clearly shows the bias. He also expressed doubts about the validity of the polls saying that in some other surveys, he was leading “by every swing state.”

Moreover, Trump believed that Biden is not fit to be the next president, “I don’t want to say that. I’d say he’s not competent to be president,” adding that the former vice president even struggled to put coherent sentences together. The commander-in-chief argued that being president meant more than reading off a teleprompter and going back to hiding in his own basement. Trump concluded that to become a president; he has to stay mentally sharp and tough.