Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized New York Times’ 1619 Project for claiming that the United States is an inherently evil place since its founding. Pompeo said that while America was far not perfect during its founding, America’s founding principles have given people a standard to live by. He said this during a speech he made on Thursday, during which he also claimed that the Chinese Communist Party must be rejoicing when they see the arguments that are tearing up America right now.

“America is fundamentally good and has much to offer the world. Because our founders recognized the existence of God-given, unalienable rights, and designed a durable system to protect them. But I must say, these days, even saying that America is fundamentally good has become controversial,” Pompeo said during the speech.

He pointed out that the rights tradition of America is under assault, and he singled out the New York Times’ 1619 Project and how it wants people to believe that America was founded upon slavery. The project was launched by the New York Times to reexamine the role of slavery in America. It was named after the year when the first slaves landed in what would become the United States. Pompeo laments the fact that people behind the New York Times’ 1619 Project want Americans to feel bad about themselves. They are also pushing for Marxist agendas.

The problem is that weak-minded people have taken the ideologies pushed by leftist papers like the New York Times and assumed that they are the truth. This is why there are so many young people joining Antifa and protesting in the streets. Many of them are unaware of the truth behind the issues that they are protesting about. Many have believed the lies pushed by the 1619 Project as the truth about America.

“This is a dark vision of America’s birth. I reject it. It’s a disturbed reading of history. It is a slander on our great people. Nothing could be further from the truth of our founding and the rights about which this report speaks,” Pompeo added. The Secretary of State is right because it’s all part of the leftist push to demean everything American and brand it as evil. What makes it worse is that the Democrats have embraced this ideology and are now pushing for it.