After months of waiting, a U.S. pharmaceutical company finally announced that a coronavirus vaccine is ready for its final test, making it the largest coronavirus study in the world.

In March, Moderna Inc. and the National Institutes of Health claimed that they had entered Phase 1 of the COVID-19 vaccine. The drug was administered on 45 healthy adults. After nearly four months, the U.S. based pharmaceutical company announced on Tuesday that the vaccine had yielded a positive response and that all adults reflected an immune system boost. As they moved on to the final phase of the clinical trial, which was scheduled on July 27, the company plans to administer the vaccine among 30,000 participants, making it the largest coronavirus study in the world.

After Moderna revealed the results, White House Coronavirus Task Force member and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, celebrated the good news. In a statement, he addressed the issue of competition among countries. “this is a race for one winner. Me, I’m cheering every one of them on. We need multiple vaccines. We need vaccines for the world, not only for our own country,” Fauci said. He added that “No matter how you slice it, this is good news.”

Currently, the results for older adults are still being analyzed. In a report from the Associated Press, the volunteers have successfully developed a “neutralizing antibodies in their bloodstream,” which would block the coronavirus infection as the media outlet claims that the results from the vaccine were comparable to the results of people who have successfully survived COVID-19. The head of the study, Dr. Lisa Jackson of the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute said that the molecules or building blocks that were found from the test results were significant as it determines whether the vaccine can protect people from a coronavirus infection.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers published that during Phase 1 of an “open-label trial,” 45 healthy adults, between the ages of 18 to 55 years old, each received two doses of the vaccine at 28 days apart from each dose. The results showed that after receiving the first dose, their antibodies response were higher. After the second dose, a serum-neutralizing activity was detected.

The journal also cites possible side effects from the vaccine. In fact, during the first dose, half of the participants experienced fatigue, chills, headaches, myalgia, and pain at the injection site. During the second dose, only three of the participants reported adverse side effects. However, the side effects were a small price to pay for the successful trial. As researchers concluded that “The mRNA-1273 vaccine-induced anti–SARS-CoV-2 immune responses in all participants and no trial-limiting safety concerns were identified.”

Earlier, the Trump administration had promised that a coronavirus vaccine would be made available by late fall. This signals a huge step in President Donald Trump’s commitment to providing the best healthcare and medication for the Americans. In fact, the President had secured nearly the entire world’s supply of the first coronavirus approved drug, Remdisivir.