On Saturday, protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement and the All Lives Matter clashed at the 5th Avenue mural in New York City, in front of Trump Tower.

The All Lives Matter group came to the scene to serve as a counter-protest against Black Lives Matter activists, carrying “thin blue line” flags in support of law enforcement, the opposite of what the BLM protesters have been pushing for, which is to defund the police.

The New York Post reported that in the middle of the clash, a Black Lives Matter protester suddenly stole a flagpole from the All Lives Matter group, which almost started a fight between the two sides. “You feel big and proud over that?” someone asked the protester who stole the flagpole, the Post reported. They replied, “yes.”

Another man who was filming and talking about George Floyd’s death was interrupted by a group. According to a report by the Post, the group then got in his shot and gave the man disrespectful gestures. The man yelled, “Fuck you” at the group and discontinued filming.

George Floyd was the Minneapolis man who died under police custody after an officer, Derek Chauvin, knelt on his neck for eight minutes and forty-six seconds. Since then, the Black Lives Matter movement had erupted across major cities and then later on across the United States. What started out as a “peaceful” protest turned into chaos, with protesters turning into rioters, looters, and vandals. Their latest targets are Confederate statues and monuments and Catholic and Christian symbols.

The vandalism has gotten so out of hand that President Donald Trump invoked the Veterans’ Memorial Preservation act, which calls for up to ten years in prison as punishment for damaging or attempting to damage “any structure, plaque, statue, or other monument on public property commemorating the service of any person or persons in the armed forces of the United States.”

All Lives Matter protesters present in front of the Trump Tower also tried to cut off Black Lives Matter activists’ chants by yelling, “USA” and “Commie scum.”

The Post also reported that a woman who was wearing an “All Lives Matter” shirt and a “Make America Great Again” hat gave the BLM protesters the middle finger with both fists and yelled, “fuck you.” After that, the woman knelt and lifted her fist to the sky, mimicking the actions of the BLM protesters.

The protesters gathered at Fifth Avenue, where a mural that depicts the words “Black Lives Matter” in huge yellow letters is placed. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reportedly helped paint the massive mural on Thursday.