President Donald Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore on the 3rd of July is set to go on as scheduled. The visit to one of America’s most famous and most important monuments is taking on a new meaning because leftist activists and agitators are destroying monuments and statues all over the country. They have even threatened to attack religious statues recently.

The visit to the national monument honoring four of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States has been highly anticipated. President Trump has personally asked the Interior Department to bring back the tradition of celebrating Independence Day there using fireworks.

“Mount Rushmore will have tremendous fireworks like they had for many years,” Trump said back in 2019. Trump’s personal excitement for the fireworks show at the monument is obvious since he would talk about it whenever he meets Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota. Pyrotechnicians are set to work on Mount Rushmore to ensure that there would be a fireworks show unlike that has ever been seen before will be displayed there. The traditional fireworks display was canceled by Obama in 2009 claiming that there was danger of starting a forest fire, while not showing any enthusiasm for the celebration of the country’s independence.

Interestingly, the presidents depicted in the monument have been attacked in some form by the recent riots. Statues of the founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have been destroyed in an intense display of anti-American sentiment. A statue of Abraham Lincoln was also targeted for destruction, ignoring the fact that he was the president that freed the slaves. While a statue of Theodore Roosevelt has been scheduled for removal in New York City after its mayor caved into the demands of activists to have it removed.

The fireworks show and the President’s visit to the monument on Independence Day are sure to draw the criticism of those on the left since there is nothing that President Trump does which gains their approval. Even something like celebrating the country’s independence is going to draw their hatred.