Supporters of President Donald Trump took out their boats and decorated them over the weekend to show their support and celebrate the president’s 74th birthday.

Hundreds of MAGA boaters in Jacksonville Florida joined the “Trump’s Birthday Boat Rally” last Sunday. The boats were scheduled to travel from Metropolitan Park to St. Johns River to Fleming Island. According to News4Jax, coinciding events also happened in Tampa, Pensacola, and Miami.

“Rig up those patriotic flags, fuel up the boat, and head out to meet a couple thousand of your fellow Trump supporters for a day on the beautiful St. Johns River,” a flyer for the event reportedly read.

President Trump supported his support for the boaters on Thursday.

White House assistant Dan Scavino also tweeted aerial footage of the boat parade.

Other supporters also tweeted their support and view of the lively water parade.

Boaters and MAGA supporters in Michigan also shared tweets from their event.

The Daily Caller also caught footage of the event.