In an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner, President Donald Trump claimed that he would not let Seattle be occupied by “anarchists”.

During the interview, Trump said that “If there were more toughness, you wouldn’t have the kind of devastation that you had in Minneapolis and in Seattle. I mean, let’s see what’s going on in Seattle.” The U.S. President warned, “I will tell you if they don’t straighten that situation out, we’re going to straighten it out.”

As nationwide protests broke out over the death of George Floyd, members of the radical left group, Antifa established six blocks of “autonomous” region in the city’s Capitol Hill. During the intense days leading to the establishment of the “cop-free zone”, Seattle Police had closed down the East Precinct building.

After days of protests following the death of Floyd, Seattle police abandoned the East Precinct building on Monday night as a crowd of anti-police protesters set up barricades in the surrounding area, declaring six blocks in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood to be “autonomous”.

Trump also criticized Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and how she had handled the situation. The President called the city’s action “pathetic” and questioned if Durkan was indeed capable of handling the situation. He also called out Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to send out the National Guard troops. “One way or the other, it’s going to get done. These people are not going to occupy a major portion of a great city,” Trump said.

The show’s host pressed on with the issue regarding George Floyd’s death, asking Trump what he truly meant when he described himself as “law and order president”. Trump responded that in times of unrest, it is more important now than ever, to keep the law enforcement strong. “They have to do it right. They have to be trained in a proper manner. They have to do it right.,” Trump reminded the members of the police force.

The President extended his empathy towards the brutal death of Floyd under the custody of the Minneapolis Police, Derek Chauvin. Trump described seeing the video as “eight minutes of horror”, adding that the incident was a “disgrace”. However, Trump believed that the incident represented a small fraction of the police force, and that the media refused to show the police doing “incredible things”.

Faulkner then pointedly told Trump whether he understood the collective anger and frustration against the police force. The show’s host also accused Trump of not being able to do his duty as a “consoler-in-chief” and provide words of comfort throughout the trying times.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan also went on to defend the protesters who have established the “autonomous zone” claiming that they were “patriotic”. Instead, the far-left politician slapped back against Trump, claiming that racking down protesters was considered as “unconstitutional”.