Chinese propaganda arm, The People’s Daily, accused the United States of unleashing turmoil in Hong Kong and the Middle East for instilling a “predominant culture of white supremacy”.

The Chinese media outlet wrote that “The epidemic of systemic racism and discrimination against people of color has long poisoned the US political atmosphere under the patronage of white supremacists and with their tacit connivance.”The People’s Daily continued by claiming that the U.S. government had legitimized racism by “perpetuating discriminatory laws” such as racial segregation and even protecting convicted police officers. The media outlet added that members of the black community are more likely to be arrested than a white man.

The media outlet also wrote that the country had been in a constant state of chaos, from the time of Martin Luther King to Eric Garner, and now George Floyd. The People’s Daily wrote that the “pattern of racial discrimination’ had become a part of the country’s politics, and laws. They have also accused the police of “intentionally” using “lethal force” to arrest members of the black community, putting up accusations that are solely based on racist ideals. The newspaper also claimed that the nationwide protests and riots which started early this month were a result of constant tragedies and civil rights violations. They also added that millions of Americans have risen up against U.S. leaders and the “tyranny of the police”.

“Racial discrimination and subjugation are the antitheses of all that humanity stand for,” the People’s Daily concluded. However, the communist regime also held racist ideals, especially among Uyghur Muslims. As of August 2018, there had been 1.5 million innocent civilians that were placed under China’s brutal concentration camps.

Based on reports, the government would send a Han Chinese man to live with women and their children while their husbands go through a process of “re-education”. In an explosive report from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), the media investigation recounts how the Chinese government had built concentration camps to cater to the Muslim minority in a span of three years.

During their stay, students who were forced to undergo re-education should not be allowed to escape, as well as to follow strict rules and heavy punishment, and ensure constant surveillance across the dormitories. The article came after the Chinese government pushed back to allow the U.S. to reopen its consulate in Wuhan. Another media outlet, The Global Times urged the State Department, should not bother to re-open after blasting several “vicious slanders” against the communist regime. The media outlet claims that reopening the U.S. embassy will only spread more rumors in China, and undermine the Chinese government.