As tension runs high in Seattle, Washington, President Donald Trump demanded state officials take back the city from the radical left group, Antifa.

On Wednesday, Trump called out Democrat and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, as well as Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan, for allowing Antifa to hold ground in the city. In a Twitter post, the President claimed that they are “being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before.” He urged city officials to “Take back your city NOW.” The President added, “These ugly Anarchists must be stooped IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!.”

Trump’s demands came after the radical left group had successfully barricaded six blocks of the city, which includes Capitol Hill, and subsequently declared it as the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” To free up the area, Antifa demanded the city officials to follow their list of demands.

To make matters worse, Gov. Inslee issued a press conference on Wednesday, claiming that he was not aware of the brewing problem and denied giving a comment on the situation. Much to Trump’s dismay, the President believed that the city government had not moved fast enough to stop the situation from escalating.

In another Twitter post, the President called Antifa as a “domestic terrorist,” which was currently run by “far-left politicians.”

As violent riots erupted throughout the country, the radical-left group demanded that Seattle should completely dismantle and abolish its police department, as well as giving amnesty to immigrants. Moreover, they have also pushed for free healthcare and college for all.

Due to increasing tension, The Seattle Police Department closed down and completely abandoned its East Precinct on Monday. The evacuation had led protesters to quickly secure and have free reign of the area. The law enforcement authorities have completely lost control, citing that they refuse to go back unless they were responding to 911 calls.

To hold their ground, Antifa called on for the help of armed volunteers to take shifts manning their barricades. The organization planned to hold still until the city could give into their list of 30 demands.

The far-left organization claimed that the Seattle police department is far “beyond reform,” adding that the abolition of the police force is not a request, but rather a demand. They urged the City Council as well as Mayor Durkan to completely remove the city’s law enforcement, as well as its “Criminal Justice Apparatus.” They urged the government to completely remove 100% of the Police Department’s fundings, including existing pensions for retired police officers.

Moreover, Antifa also demanded to halt all operations of ICE in Seattle. In a statement, the organization claimed that Seattle is standing on stolen land from the Duwamish People and that a member of their tribe has been murdered, by no other than the Seattle Police Department 10 years ago.

Despite increasing threats of violence, and the city’s collective failure to regain control, Gov. Inslee responded that Trump should “stop” interfering with the situation, adding that the U.S. President should stay out of the issue in Washington, as he is completely incapable of leading the country.

In addition, Seattle Mayor Durkan told Trump to make America “safe,” despite their refusal to employ the aid of the National Guard. She even went on to mock the President, saying, “Go back to your bunker.”