On Thursday, President Donald Trump expressed his disappointment with Fox News once again in a series of tweets. The President said that the network isn’t really helping Republicans get reelected and is a net negative for him.

“Many will disagree, but @FoxNews is doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get reelected on November 3,” Trump said.

“Sure, there are some truly GREAT people on Fox, but you also have some real “garbage” littered all over the network,” the President continued. Then he had a roll call of Fox’s people, including “Dummy” Juan Williams, Hahn, Richard Goodstein, Schumerite Chris, Donna Brazile, and Neil Cavuto.

Earlier this week, Fox News host Neil Cavuto criticized President Trump and his use of hydroxychloroquine as a preventative treatment for the Wuhan coronavirus. As the President let the public know that he has been taking the medication, Cavuto responded by doing a fact check on-air. Cavuto warned people from taking the drug, saying that “No less than the Food and Drug Administration had warned back on April 24 that ‘hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine have not been shown to be safe and effective for treating or preventing COVID-19.’”

Following Cavuto’s statements, Trump went to Twitter and said that Fox News is no longer the same and that he is “looking for a new outlet.”

Since they have started becoming more like the establishment media, the President has been expressing his dismay towards the media outlet. In late April, President Trump criticized Paul Rino, who sits as the new board member in Fox News, saying that the once trustworthy media outlet is now “plugging to try and become politically correct.” He continued to say the Fox was “fed Democratic talking points,” and the reporters and hosts play them without doing any research.

Trump also called out other Fox News hosts like Donna Brazile and Chris Wallace, saying that Wallace “is nastier to Republicans than even Deface the Nation or Sleepy Eyes,” which was what he called left-wing media NBC’S Chuck Todd.

Trump closed his tweets, declaring that Fox News just keeps repeating the “worst” of the Democrat speaking points and lies. “All of the good is totally nullified, and more. Net Result = BAD! CNN & MSDNC are all in for the Do Nothing Democrats! Fox WAS Great!”