The New York Post succinctly labeled Americans who hosted “coronavirus parties” as a way to hopefully develop an immunity, as “covidiots.”

The report was made by a North Carolina nurse, Yolanda Enrich, stating that over the course of the past few days, they have heard that patients have become unafraid of contracting the deadly COVID-19 virus. Enrich was working at the Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center when she had made the observation, stating that “People are actually out and about trying to get the virus, so attending gatherings, parties trying to maximize their chances of exposure.”

Enrich claimed that younger patients have reasoned out that they have avoided taking health and safety precautions in hopes of contracting the deadly disease and to successfully develop antibodies. The North Carolina nurse expressed her growing concern for such reckless behavior. Enrich added that it might actually become counter-effective since they can spread the virus among vulnerable sectors and those with underlying health conditions.

Experts have yet to confirm the possibility of herd immunity on the COVID-19 virus. According to WHO Soumya Swaminathan, it would take a dangerously “high rate of death” before herd immunity becomes possible.

Moreover, state Gov. Roy Cooper also warned about such a dangerous concept, “you can easily kill someone you love.” Cooper described such practices as both “irresponsible” and “unacceptable” specifically since North Carolina is gearing towards Phase II of its economic re-opening. Even the state’s secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Mandy Cohen, warned that it might have a massive impact on those at risk.

As the country continues to battle the health crisis President Donald Trump assured that the administration is working on “warped speed” in order to develop a coronavirus vaccine. The President even described it as a “great national project” and entails the close collaboration between different private and federal agencies, in hopes of developing a vaccine by the end of the year.

Globally, coronavirus infections have already surpassed 5 million cases. While the US currently had the highest COVID-19 infections with 1,551,853 cases and 93,439 related deaths, infection rates among other countries have become increasingly severe.

To point this out, Latin America has the largest portion of new cases each day, which overtook the recorded rates in both US and Europe. For example, Brazil, which is the continent’s most populous country, has higher infection rates as compared to Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. With 291,579 confirmed coronavirus cases and at least 18,859 deaths, it stood as the third-largest outbreak in the world, next to Russia, and the US Within just two weeks, the country’s coronavirus infection had doubled and continues to steadily increase.

As of Thursday morning, the virus took more than 300,000 lives worldwide. That’s 424 times more than the lives that were lost during the 2003 SARS outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believed that the increase might be attributed to the lack of testing. However, the virus does not show any signs of slowing down as the WHO reported that more than 100,000 COVID-19 cases were reported within the last 24 hours.