President Trump offered much-needed advice to his apparent rival in the upcoming elections, former vice president Joe Biden during an interview in a conservative podcast with Dan Bongino on Friday. The President told Biden to just go out and fight it. This is in reference to the sexual assault allegation against Biden by a former staffer.

CBS White House correspondent tweeted what was supposed to be a statement from President Trump regarding his advice. “In a way, you could say I’m sticking up for him.”

The former vice president has denied the accusations, but it seems that the issue is not going to die down anytime soon. The incident was supposed to have taken place back in 1993. Tara Reade said that Biden assaulted her sexually during the time that she worked for him. She has claimed that she was a victim of harassment last year, but the mainstream media chose to ignore her story. This year, however, she came back with the claim, only this time, things are more serious. The action that Biden took against her is far more aggressive than what was initially thought.

Biden is facing a difficult time amid the allegations even as the mainstream media and the Democratic party is running interference for him. There is an increased pressure now for him to release his senate records, which he is refusing to do. During an interview on the “Morning Joe” television show, Biden had a hard time answering questions regarding the release of his records. He actually became speechless for a few seconds before he can stammer a reply.

Surprisingly, President Trump appears to be sympathetic to Biden’s plight since he has faced allegations of sexual misconduct before. Although there is a major difference between the allegations against the President and those being leveled against Biden now. The allegations against the President are clearly politically motivated while the allegation against Biden really has something to it. It doesn’t help Biden that he behaves in a creepy manner around children and women, with videos as evidence.