While the rest of the left-media would sneakily change headlines and add in information without notifying the public, a Yahoo News reporter issued a public apology to President Donald Trump after he misread data during a White House coronavirus press briefing.

The exchange began when Yahoo News reporter Hunter Walker asked President Trump why “South Korea has done five times more tests than the US per capita.” Trump responded that he does not believe that the information was accurate. However, the Yahoo reporter insisted, citing that the President announced earlier that the country had already passed South Korea in terms of virus testing.

Trump then went on to infectious disease expert and White House coronavirus coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, to check on the information. The doctor agreed, saying “sure, I have the number.” She then proceeded to explain that early on the outbreak, the administration had already pushed for testing, specifically on coronavirus hotspots. Birx added that if Walker would look at the data from each state that had an outbreak, the number of testing is “far greater than anywhere in the world.”

Despite the doctor’s explanation, Walker continued to insist on his own data. He went on to question what the government did, to flatten the curve, specifically since the US has 14 times more infection than South Korea. Dr. Birx replied that the administration is supporting to ensure that each state has been tested. The infectious disease expert continued to say that the rates were remarkable, even for states that did not have an outbreak.

Later on, Dr. Birx addressed Walker by saying, “To the Yahoo gentleman, I just want to make it clear that South Korea’s testing was 11 per 100,000, and we’re at 17 per 100,000.” Trump went on to ask if the reporter would apologize for the misinformation, adding, “That’s why you’re Yahoo…that’s why nobody knows who you are, including me.”

When Walker tried to ignore the doctor’s facts and went to continue his line of questioning, Dr. Birx urged the reporter to check his facts and ensure that everything is accurate. Trump then slammed the reporter, saying that his information was false.

However, unlike other media outlets, who refused to admit their mistakes, Walker issued a public apology on Twitter. In his social media post, he claimed that although the White House was unable to address the issue of high infection rates, he had openly admitted that he had misread the information and that Trump was right.

The reporter also sent an email to his fellow reporters, claiming that Dr. Birx had corrected the information that the US had more tests per capita, as compared to South Korea, although the latter had lower infection rates. He proceeded to apologize for the mistake.

Even former White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, praised the Yahoo reporter for openly admitting his mistake.