While the rest of Hollywood was busy trying to ward off their boredom, Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds, trolled celebrities for their lack of attention amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In his recent Twitter video, Reynolds began by thanking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and went on to remind everyone to “flatten the curve.” He then humorously added, “I think in times of crisis, I think we all know that it’s the celebrities we count on most.” Reynolds, with a hint of sarcasm, claimed that these are the people who are “going to get us through this.”

The actor then took a long pause. He went on to admit that during a pandemic, Hollywood celebrities like him do not matter. Rather, grocers, healthcare workers, truckers, first responders, and those that are in the “essential services” should receive the most attention.

He then went on to put celebrities in their place saying that they were mere “mannequins,” and at this time, they are “like 400 other types of people,” the actor dismissed.

Reynolds laughed and urged everyone to observe social distancing. He then concluded in a positive note by saying that “We’re gonna get through this thing together.”

Reynolds’ video came after Hollywood stars came together to sing a rendition of Jonh Lennon’s “Imagine.” As the days of the quarantine dragged on, stars still managed to rant their increasing boredom on social media, serving as a gentle reminder of how out of touch these celebrities are with the rest of America, and probably the world.

Host Ellen Degeneres gave a phone call to former first lady Michelle Obama to have a little chit-chat as well, about the most mundane things.

While award-winning actress, Juliet Binoche used the opportunity to advertise and urge everyone to watch her films.

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Ce soir dimanche sur Canal + en CLAIR ! ♥️🤪💋

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On the other hand, actress Glenn Close used her social media to share that her dog had a new “chewie” and that the pandemic had made her more “creative.”

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Message on a bluebird sky day.

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Finally, pop star, Britney Spears acknowledged the hard times and decided to participate on a #DoYourPartChallenge to urge celebrities to help out to their communities and those in need, rather than ranting to the rest of the world how bored they were.