President Trump was unapologetic with blaming China over the global pandemic and said on Saturday that he was disappointed with China and that he wished that they have alerted the world a lot sooner about the virus. He expressed that China was “very, very secretive.” The president added that he has tremendous respect for China and that the Chinese people are incredible. He was just disappointed that they were not more honest and that they should have revealed what was really going on sooner.

The president said that had he been informed about what was really going on in China, the doctors of the federal government would have been able to prepare for the spread of the virus. He added that a few months of advance information regarding the virus would have helped.

Some questioned his apparent praise of China before the virus started spreading in the United States. In fact, Trump had a tweet that praised China’s transparency. The president explained that at the time, he believed that China was honest with its reports.

He was quick to point out that China is a friend and that they have lost thousands of people because of the virus. But he is unwilling to back down on his statements blaming China for the pandemic and specifically pointing out that it was accurate to call it a Chinese virus since it came from China.

Meanwhile, self-righteous celebrities, the mainstream media, and politicians are actively defending the Chinese regime by attacking the president for accurately describing the virus as a Chinese virus. They are accusing the president of racism despite the fact that naming a virus after the region where it originated is a common practice. The Ebola virus, for example, was named after the river in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In response to the fact that the mainstream media has used Wuhan or China itself to designate the virus earlier in the year, they argued that they stopped using the term after directives from the World Health Organization (WHO). The United Nations agency itself has been accused of running interference for the Chinese Communist Party to such a degree that some suggested it should be renamed to “Wuhan Health Organization.”

Democrats have been quick to join the bandwagon of accusing the president of racism with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and even Hillary Clinton saying that statements calling the virus “Chinese virus” should stop.