A new poll has revealed that 55% of Americans approve of the way that President Trump is handling the Covid-19 virus, even if the minority that disapproves of his actions are very vocal about their disapproval. The federal government’s ramped-up response is putting the American family ahead of everything else. The “Families First Coronavirus Relief Plan” has made testing for the virus free. Even those with comprehensive healthcare will no longer have to copay for it. More importantly, it takes care of the millions of Americans who do not have healthcare to pay for the test.

Another measure that is sure to be popular with most Americans is the one that aims to ease the financial burden of the pandemic. The government will be giving $1,000 for every adult and $500 for each child to help compensate for the difficult economic times. The amount may not be enough to completely make up for the cost of being laid off from work, but it can help until things go back to normal.

Although the majority of Americans are satisfied with the actions of the president when it comes to dealing with Covid-19, the minority who disapprove are very vocal. Many have expressed their frustration on Twitter. Some of them doubted that the survey is accurate, and they don’t believe that most people would still trust the president. Then some are worried that many are still trusting the president. Others, on the other hand, are calling for even more drastic measures to deal with the crisis. They are saying that the country needs to be shut down and placed in quarantine. They say that the move will be unpopular, and it will affect the economy negatively, but it has to be done.

Part of the problem is that many young Americans are still unconcerned about the coronavirus and the disease it is causing. Many officials and medical experts have called out young people who ignore the calls to limit their social interactions and continue to party and go out. A poll that was conducted by Forbes showed that 35 of Americans who are aged 18- 29 think that the fear of the coronavirus and the measures being taken to contain it are overblown. What’s even more concerning is that only 46.3% of those who were surveyed believe that it is a full-blown health crisis. With numbers like that, no measure of the federal government will be able to completely contain the virus.