President Donald Trump dismisses Bill de Blasio after the latter tried to blame him for New York City’s problems with the coronavirus. Blasio said that the president should get out of the way as the president has been obstructing his actions in fighting the virus. But Trump will have none of Blasio’s blatant attempt to shift blame to him. The president said that he was dealing with the governor of New York State instead.

Trump has been in constant communication with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and it seems that the connection is bearing fruit. The president even said that they agree with what should be done regarding the outbreak and that they are in sync.

Last Friday, de Blasio tried to shift the blame for the slow response to the virus in his city to the president. He said that the fate of New York City is in the hands of one man, who is also a New Yorker and that person is betraying the city. This was an obvious reference to the president.

But de Blasio is facing intense criticism himself for failing to act decisively to prevent the outbreak from happening in his city. It seems that his blaming of the federal government is an attempt to shift the attention away from his failure and just say that it was not his fault at all.

On Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo has placed the state under lockdown and banned all public gatherings and has ordered workers from all non-essential establishments to stay at home. This puts the entire state under a state of suspended animation, a scenario that is becoming more and more familiar all over the world. Social distancing will be enforced, but there is no total lockdown in place. People are not confined to their homes yet, and public transport is still running, although people are discouraged from using it. The elderly are advised to avoid crowded areas.

The state has more than 7,000 cases of Covid-19 with most of those in New York City. That places the state as the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States. There is anger over the slow response of the city government, which puts the population in grave danger. There is a real fear that the virus could spread in New York City now.

President Donald Trump is taking strong actions as he works with the New York State government to ramp up the response. Good thing he is not listening to what the likes of de Blasio have to say.