“We’re not victims of circumstance, we can make decisions to meet moments, and this is a moment we need to make tough decisions,” California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom said in his official statement. During his speech, the governor issued a statewide order which urged 39.5 million residents to stay at home during the pandemic.

In his message, Newsom recognized the grim reality of the global pandemic and encouraged everyone to do their part in order to slow down the curve. He explained that California was not an isolated case; rather, the outbreak is happening within the country, and throughout the rest of the world. Due to unprecedented circumstances, Newsom believed that drastic measures should be taken.

The governor also went on to cite the facts, following the rapid increase of confirmed cases. “A number of days ago, there were six bay area counties that led with stay-at-home orders. Now, as I speak, some 21.3 million Californians reside in a community in a city and or county that have similar orders,” the governor said.

He also went on to share a message of unity, saying that while California might constitute a “nation-state,” it is still composed of many regions that make up its entirety, emphasizing the interdependence and the need to cooperate. Newsom also confirmed that the order is effective immediately on Thursday evening, citing that it was just a temporary situation and would be for the overall good of the community.

Newsom also encourages citizens to “self-regulate” and become more aware and observant with the way they behave, and ultimately, their personal decisions. Finally, the governor hoped that through this, each resident would give in to the “social pressure” of doing the “right thing.” Gov. Newsom concluded that the state does not need heavier implementation of law enforcement.

According to the governor’s statements, the order would still allow residents to do their essential activities, such as running to the grocery stores. At the same time, restaurants are also allowed to deliver food. The Democrat had also mobilized 500 National Guard Troops, citing that they will only be doing food distribution and humanitarian services.

The drastic measures are equally important for the populous state. In a report by the Los Angeles Times, California now has 1,057 cases, and 20 reported coronavirus-related deaths. However, health experts believe that there might still be more untested patients.

In their report, the media outlet noted the trend in which the number of cases rose in early March.

Currently, there is a steady influx of patients as the White House tries to implement automated testing, which will allow drive-through centers to generate thousands of results in a day.