In an official statement, social media giant, Facebook announced that it had taken down President Trump’s campaign ads for violating its company policies.

Since December, the tech giant claimed that they plan to ban ads that were targeted to “limit participation” for the U.S. consensus. Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said, “There are policies in place to prevent confusion around the official US Census and this is an example of those being enforced.” The company believed that Trump’s ads have fallen into the category by “misrepresentation of the dates, locations, times and methods for census participation.”

The said ads run through the President’s and Vice President Mike Pence’s official Facebook pages with the caption “President Trump needs you to take the Official 2020 Congressional District Census today.” The survey asks the user to fill in a form that will help the president’s reelection campaign team “craft a winning messaging strategy.” Then, the website is linked to a page asking for donations.

One ad reads, “This survey is ESSENTIAL to our team’s 2020 campaign strategy. We need Patriotic Americans like YOU to respond to this census, so we can develop a winning strategy for YOUR STATE. Your participating in this national effort will provide us with the detailed data we need for YOUR CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT.”

On Thursday’s press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed Facebook for allowing Trump’s ads to run, calling it an “absolute lie.” In her speech, Pelosi said, “A lie that is consistent with the misrepresentation policy of Facebook. But now they’re messing with who we are as Americans. I know the profit motive is their business model, but it should not come at the cost of counting who is in our country.”

Pelosi added, “I know the profit motive is their business model. But it should not come at the cost of counting who is in our country so that we can provide the services and the rest.”

In another statement, John Thompson, a former Census Bureau director said that the survey, which is taken once a decade, might go against Trump’s re-election effort. “Trump’s ads and the Republican mailers could dupe some people into thinking they’ve already filled out the official census form, and if there’s any consequence at all, it could be that the move backfires on Trump’s own supporters,” Thompson said.

Thompson added “I don’t know that they would want to have confusion. It could have a reverse impact on the Trump administration, (it) could create an under-representation of their constituents in the census.” However, some social media users were not happy with Facebook’s decision. Dr. Robert Esptein wrote “New: #Facebook has been removing #Trump campaign ads from its platform. I’m not a Trump supporter, but I’m deeply concerned about #censorship of this sort. Whether u know it or not, #Google-&-the-Gang will decide who our next president will be. #BeAfraid.”

Another user wrote “Sheeple are so programmed. Trump still wins again. Make No Mistake. #Ecstatic #BetterThanChristmas #TrumpLandslide2020.”

Mike commented “Facebook drops Trump ads after Pelosi cites census confusion… via @nbcnews. When even Facebook says you are lying, you have a major problem!”

Back in 2016’s electoral campaign, U.S. intelligence officials claimed that there had been a Russian intervention aimed to sway the elections through cyber-influence campaigns. However, Moscow denied such allegations and none were proven to be true.