Bernie Sanders was interrupted during his campaign rally in Carson City, Nevada, on Sunday after being announced by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio had introduced Sanders as the “next president of the United States” before the 78-year-old senator made his way to the stage.

The crowd was still cheering as a young woman, who claimed to be his “biggest supporter,” tried to grab the microphone out of Sanders’ hand.

Sanders held the microphone away from her and moved towards the end of the stage, gesturing to security to handle the situation. The woman used the podium microphone to speak about Sanders’ support of the dairy industry.

“Bernie, I’m your biggest supporter, and I’m here to ask you to stop pumping up the dairy industry and to stop pumping up animal agriculture. I believe in you,” she said, before security got to her.

A parade of woman followed the woman’s announcement, some holding photographs of cows, and then a topless woman walked across the stage.

Watch Sanders’ face turn bright red: