Despite the cold rains and bad weather, thousands of GOP supporters have lined up to see Trump’s New Hampshire rally. The president then took the opportunity to relieve his memorable State of the Union Address as the crowd bashed Pelosi.

In his speech, Trump said “I had somebody behind me who was mumbling terribly,” as he jabbed on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech-ripping-tantrum.

The crowd cheered “Lock her up!”

Trump continued “Very distracting. Very distracting. I’m speaking, and a woman is mumbling terribly behind me. There was a little anger back there. We’re the ones who should be angry, not them,” as the president referred to his recent impeachment trial.

Instead of hating Pelosi, Trump took the time to thank the house speaker. Trump claimed that the Democrats gave the GOP a boost in their poll numbers—the highest since 2005 according to the Gallup survey.

In his speech, the president said:

“Nine months from now, we are going to retake the House of Representatives, we are going to hold the Senate, and we are going to keep the White House. We have so much more enthusiasm, it’s not even close. They’re all fighting each other. …They don’t know what they’re doing; they can’t even count their votes,” and the crowd gave thunderous applause. The president also read a passage from “Snake” in reference to the issues of illegal immigration. It was one of the poems that Trump had referred to highlight the dangers of illegal immigration during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump then added, “I used to do this a lot and people couldn’t get enough of it, to be honest with you and I haven’t done it for a while and I thought I would do it tonight because you’re on the eve of giving us an opponent and all of these people want open borders,” “They want open borders and don’t want open borders, we want very strong closed borders and we want people to come into our country but they want to come in through merit and we want them to come in legally. Through merit and legally,” the president said.

Finally, Trump then slammed the recent Iowa caucus disaster. “The Democratic Party wants to run your health care, but they can’t even run a caucus in Iowa. … Actually, I think they’re trying to take it away from Bernie again. They’re doing it to you again, Bernie! They’re doing it to you again.”

According to the recent Quinnipiac poll which was released on Tuesday afternoon, Sanders was leading the New Hampshire race by up to 8 points.

Based on the survey, Sanders topped by up to 25%, followed by Biden with a 17%. The rest follows with Mike Bloomberg 15%, Elizabeth Warren 14%, Pete Buttigieg 10%, Amy Klobuchar 4%, and the rest made up the 2% or less.

Unlike most of his rallies, Trump quickly delivered his New Hampshire speech to head to Dove Air Force base in Delaware.

However, the rush was not without a cause, as the president participated in the dignified transfer of remains of the two soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan.