Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden got defensive when Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie asked him about his son Hunter Biden working for Ukraine’s natural gas company Burisma.

“It’s a good thing and no one’s found anything wrong with his dealings in Ukraine except they said it sets a bad image,” said Biden.

Guthrie asked Biden if Hunter taking the position as a board member of Bursima was “wrong” knowing it was because Burisma “wanted access to” his dad.

“That’s not true. You’re saying things you do not know what you’re talking about,” Biden said. “No one has said that, who said that?”

Guthrie said some people would think it’s “sleazy” for Hunter to have the job.

“Well, he said he regretted having done it. Speak for yourself. He’s a grown man,” Biden stated.

Biden went on to say Hunter is a “very bright guy.”

Hunter must be a genius since he got paid over $80,000 per month working on the board of Burisma without any experience in the natural gas industry while his father was Vice President.

Burisma is the company Ukraine’s General Prosecutor Victor Shokin was investigating when then Vice President Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees unless Shokin was fired.

Shokin resigned so that Ukraine could get the loan guarantees.

Last week, Shokin filed a complaint urging Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) open criminal proceedings against Biden, on Tuesday, for “interference with the activities of a law enforcement officer.”

Watch Biden’s reaction: