As the Senate impeachment trial against President Donald Trump draws to a close, the glaring loophole still remains. Will the evidence filed against Trump enough to oust him from the White House?

House Intelligence Committee, Chairman and impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff had announced in an interview that the Republican senators claimed that the House had proven their case.

Schiff’s statement might ring true, in fact, in a post from Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, he stated that if proven guilty, Trump’s transaction with Ukranian President Zelensky might be deemed as “inappropriate.” The problem with the prosecution is that they failed to realize that the meaning of the word “inappropriate” and “criminal” are simply worlds apart.

The thing is, mistakes are a huge part of our lives, and as humans, we have most probably done something inappropriate (although maybe it’s just a little different than say, calling world leaders for breakfast). However, doing something inappropriate doesn’t immediately land you a jail sentence, does it?

Even former Democrat President Obama also did a lot of back-door negotiations that might have fallen to the “inappropriate” list. In an interview with CNN, Senator Joni Ernst said that former President Barack Obama’s ties with Russia were more impeachable than what Trump did. “After my election, I have more flexibility,” Obama said to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

It was not a far cry from allegations against Trump, as reports claimed that Obama did not build up the missile defense, as the Congress had urged him to. Instead, he made a compromise to have a more relaxed defense, in return for Russians to give him space in the elections.

Now, if we live in a near-perfect world, Obama’s actions might have deeper repercussions, the same way Trump did in 2020. As a matter of fact, Schiff perfectly summed up the ideas in an interview “That’s pretty remarkable when you now have senators on both sides of the aisle admitting the House made its case and the only question is, should the president be removed for office because he’s been found guilty of these offenses?” Schiff asked.

“I think it’s enormously important that the country understand exactly what this president did, and we have proved it. I also think it’s important that the Senate take the next step, having found him guilty, if indeed that’s what they have found. They need to remove him from office because he is threatening to still cheat in the next election by soliciting foreign interference. And so the normal remedy for a president’s misconduct isn’t available here because the elections, he is already trying to prejudice and compromise with further foreign interference,” Schiff added.

It is puzzling because Obama’s action also includes foreign interference for the next election. The question is what makes him different from Trump?

The answer is simple: Democratic support.

It’s not about the actions anymore, the judgment of what is right or wrong. Today, it’s about prejudice. For a party that campaigns for equality, their unwillingness to accept “rednecks” is quite remarkable. As the trial goes, the prosecution had failed to deliver more pressing charges such as bribery, treason, and corruption.

If senators are going to consider Trump’s “inappropriate” action as a criminal offense, then most presidents would have already been ousted before they can complete their full-term.

Given the president’s growing popularity, Trump serves as their one greatest opponent. Perhaps because the President represents the anti-thesis of what Democrats are, or what America had forgotten to be. Raw, honest, and unapologetic.