Amidst accusations from the left-wing supporters, Trump’s new ad advocates equality for all.

What better time to run a powerful campaign ad than the biggest game of the year—the Super Bowl. Which is why President Donald Trump’s re-campaign team did not waste time to showcase what the president did, and the promises of what he can do.

During Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV, Trump will run a 30-second ad campaign to air nationwide about the promises of the country’s economic success. The message focuses on Trump’s promise of change, but most of it centers on one word, prosperous.

Despite the strong racist sentiments from the left-wing supporters, Trump was one of the few presidents who managed not just to drive the economy upwards, but as well as employees in the blue-collar sector, most of which are composed of people of color.

The ad says that “unemployment is down to a 49-year low, unemployment from African-Americans fell to a new low.” It also adds a clip from a news report which said: “unemployment for Hispanics is on all-time record low.”

Indeed, the ad shows that Trump was able to realize what the Democrats had failed to, providing a better life for all Americans. Despite lobbying for equality and immigration, the opposition still failed to appeal to the working class and gain more of their supports from cities and affluent suburbs, according to a report from the New York Times.

True to his word, Trump was able to be the change that he had promised America, lifting the country from the great recession, by cutting off foreign trade deals and supporting American manufacturers who have diverted their business overseas, in hopes of finding cheap labor.

It does not help too, that Obama’s anti-business sentiment had driven people to go for someone who represents pro-business and pro-growth sentiment. As the ad said “America demanded change, And change is what we got.

The ad also highlighted the promises that Trump had given during the 2016 campaign, which said that “Under President Trump, America is stronger, safer and more prosperous than ever before.”

Another politician, Michael Bloomberg, had also bought a 60-second spot for the Super Bowl. However, unlike Trump’s hopeful message, Bloomberg focused on gun control. In fact, the reason why Bloomberg would spend a whopping $10 million dollar for the same nationwide spot can be a bit petty. “The biggest point is getting under Trump’s skin,” Michael Frazier, a spokesman for the Bloomberg campaign, told the New York Times. Although the money is a far cry from the millions of dollars the former New York City Mayor had spent during his campaigns, it might not be the most strategic spending.

As expected, 100 million Americans will tune in to one of the biggest events of the year, other politicians might try to rival Trump’s campaign strategy. However, they lack one thing—a proven list of accomplishments.

To add to that, even left-winged campaign strategist Tara McGowan admitted that the Democratic party might have a hard time beating the president. “The Trump campaign’s major advantage has been and continues to be the one resource Democrats don’t have: time.”